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Who Is a Web Programmer

           How to learn web programming-

So, Have you decided to become a web programmer? That’s a great choice. I’m also a web programmer and In this article, I’m going to share my real life experiences about how did I teach myself web programming. So before I begin with it, let me tell you I’m not only a web developer or web programmer but also I have learnt many things in last seven years such as Mobile App Development, Desktop App Development and Several Technologies. It was important to mention here because in another article you may find “How did I teach myself  Android programming”.

Let’s Begin-

Who Is a Web Programmer?

A Web Programmer can be anyone who creates the website or web application that runs over HTTP from a web server to a web browser. A web programmer is also called a web developer.

How to teach your self web programming

Type of web programmers-

Web Programmers are categorised in three categories –

1).Front-End Web Programmer- 

A front-end web programmer is a programmer who writes codes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I assume you’re totally new to the world of web programming. So, It’s important to let you know- what these things are.

HTML- HTML is a markup language which is used to create web pages. It’s the first thing to learn in order to become a web programmer.

CSS- It is the style sheet. It’s used to give styles to your HTML websites or web pages. And It is the second thing you need to learn to be a web programmer.

JavaScript- JavaScript is a client-side server scripting language which is used to give interactivity to websites. It’s not enough to say JavaScript makes websites Interactive but also It has many frameworks which can be used for many different tasks related to the web.

2).Back-End Web Programmer-

A backend web programmer or backend developer is a programmer who works with inner things of websites or web applications such database.

To become a Backend developer you need to learn some web scripting programming languages such as PHP and Ruby along with database query languages like MySQL.

So, what are these things PHP and Ruby? well, your answer is below-

PHP- PHP is an open source scripting language, It is used for web development. PHP codes are embedded into HTML code. There are many popular websites which are created in PHP such as Facebook and Twitter. PHP runs on a web server.

Ruby- Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, It is also used for web development like PHP. Some popular websites are created in ruby including GitHub and Shopify.

3).Full-Stack web programmer-

A full-stack web programmer is a programmer who knows both front-end and back-end web programming.

Some Sources of Learning Web Programming-

1).W3schoolsW3schools is a great platform for beginners to learn web programming. It has courses about many web programming languages including PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, HTML and CSS.

2).Udemy– Udemy has become one of the biggest platforms to learn professional skills. There are many courses on Udemy about Front-End, Back-End and Full-Stack web Programming.

3).YouTube– Yeah, It’s YouTube. There are many popular creators on YouTube who has created web design and web development video tutorials.

4).Udacity– There is a great program on Udacity called “Full stack web developer nano degree”. It can help you to become a good web programmer.

5).Codecademy– It’s also another great platform to learn web programming. There are many web programming courses available on Codecademy including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Ruby.

6).Coursera– Cousera has some really great tutorials about full stack web development, responsive web design, and ruby on rails web development etc.

7).Lynda– Lynda is one of the oldest online course providers. It was founded in 1995. Lynda offers thousands of video courses in programming, software, creativity and business skills.


As You can see there are many ways to learn web programming- But how did I teach myself web programming?

Well, I can’t write the complete story in this article but I’m going to give a short overview here-

I started with HTML from W3Schools and learnt some other courses like CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and Jquery. But It was not enough, I was not able to work on real-life projects. So, I decided to join Lynda and learnt web designing from many courses.

Now again, I started learning PHP for web development from W3Schools but I felt there is not the complete tutorial about It. So, Again I had to join Lynda for PHP and MySQL as well as I bought many web design and web development courses on Udemy and I kept watching YouTube web development tutorials. This is not the complete story but maybe I can share in another article.

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